Lial - Leal

FYI...  I have started to move info of the Lial/leal and Leyba lines on to Familysearch.org.  Start by looking for Afonza Leyba, her ID is LTSM-45M.  If you see name your interesed in, text, call and leave message you dont see what your looking for.  It may take me more than a year to get my info moved.  Flores and other names are there also.  Good Luck, FR

My mothers line
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My Grandfather
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Lial 5 gen - each name has number attached to it.
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My grandfather J.T. Lial ---- WWI veteran

Manuel Lial - my uncle, 2nd from the left.

National Cemetery, Los Angeles California

Army, WW II

Battles and campaigns :NormandyNorthern France GO 33 WD 45

Rhineland ArdennesCentral EuropeGO 40 WD 45

Arrived European African Theater 8 JAN 1944

Middle Eastern Theater 28 NOV 45

Romona Leal Gonzales

I found this website, it may help someone.  I have thought it was possible for my Leal line but could not connect,  with this new info i,m not so sure........maybe someone out there can make a connection.


www.CIDA-SA.org -  The Islanders,  from the Cannary Islands.  Read a great story of San Antonio Texas!

Robert Walker Sammon (1861 - 1910) - Fin[...]
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