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I have this book given to my dad from his uncle Victor over 40 years ago.  Written in spanish, it has many beautiful poems.  One that I really like:




El Poeta, se fue metiendo al laberinto de la selva quiza para estar mas solo con sus pensamientos, y de pronto se encontro, con una calavera, y por entre los huecos de los huesos salia el Tallo que mecia una hermosa flor. --- y el Poeta dijo..........




Pobre flor, que mal naciste, maldita sea la suerte que al primer paso que diste, te encontraste con la muerte, el cortarte es cosa fuerte, y dejarte vivir, es cosa triste, porque dejarte con la vida, es dejarte con la muerte.


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  • Elizabeth Crowley (Wednesday, May 16 18 04:04 pm EDT)

    Hi Ramirez family,

    I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for the genealogy tools on your site, some savvy teens and I are getting a lot of use from them. Our after-school group just started a family history project- we're all very excited to start digging! During our hunt for inspiration we found you here, https://www.ramirez-page.org/links ..it's been tough finding non-spammy sites so you have our thanks! Plus you gave us some good ideas to get started. To return the favor we wanted to share some of our other favorites- like this article superstar seventh grader Mia found: https://www.teletracnavman.com/gps-fleet-tracking-education/tracking-your-ancestry

    Hopefully you like it too, it's a pretty detailed guide with some fun info on researching the geography of your ancestors. Maybe you might even find it useful for your page? If you do decide to add it I'll be sure to show them, Mia has been really into this project (I think we have a budding genealogist on our hands) so it would be an awesome surprise! We also use Cyndi's list and https://www.findmypast.com which you probably already know of.

    Thanks again and sorry if this got long- I don't want to be a bother I just love sharing so if you have any needs or tips please feel free to pass them along. They say genealogy can be an addictive hobby, we'll let you know if we get hooked :o)


  • Mrs. Veronica Taylor (Thursday, December 29 16 12:18 pm EST)

    As a peer mentor for my local community center, I just wanted to say thanks for making your genealogy page - http://www.ramirez-page.org/links/

    With the school year half way over, the kids have had some fun mid-term projects to do. A few of them are working on a family tree project. We've been looking for resources to cite and include, and your page has been a big help! Thanks again for making it!

    I also wanted to pass along another reference. It was actually the group who found it...we didn't see it listed on your page:

    'History at Home: A Guide to Genealogy'

    It's a fantastic reference guide, with tons of other helpful sites to check out. Can you include a link to it on your page for me? I know you're probably very busy playing catch up from the holidays, but I'd love to show my group. Let me know! I meet with them when they get back from Christmas break next week!

    Hope to hear from you soon...and have a very happy new year!

    Ms. Veronica Taylor