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I was born in Colorado, JoAn in Indiana; we are a retired christian couple living now in southern California.  I am a seven year Army vet  (Nov 60 - Nov 67) , the last four years as chrewchief on UH-1B & D.  Did not tour southeast Asia but helped train those who did; that was a very difficult time.  Earned the Expeditionary Service Medal by going off in a different direction.  Received Honorable Discharge, 82nd Airborne.

Worked for three major airlines,  two aerospace companies and two MRO's.  Spouse worked in the retail sector, and later as a Medical assistent for several doctors and one hospital.  

Had a tripple by-pass after a heart attack in1998 and God seen it to give me more time, so I went back to work.  Retired completely in 2005,  VFW Post  member #3418

Email:  ramirez_f2@pm.me (copy and paste in your email program).

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