Thanks for stopping by.  This site is about our genealogy on both sides.  Much of the information comes from census, death certificates, oral interviews  and other researchers.  Please bare with me as this is a work always in progress.

Underlined words will link you to jpg's, census records, photo's or other information.  Please take time to explore the site and leave coments, questions and/or info you would like to share, but as always remember this site is a guide to your own research.  Double check all work, you should have at least three different sourses.

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The Ramirez Family

Book written by George Reischling --

These memoirs are told from”inside my jungle boots” but are dedicated to every Vietnam Veteran who served their country in America’s most misunderstood war. We faced “hell” over there and then encountered a different kind of “hell” upon our return and that was just plain wrong. These memoirs are my effort to set the record straight and if you choose to read them, I hope it makes you feel proud. I salute each and every one of my brother veterans for your personal sacrifice  and especially the men and women whose names now grace the “Wall” of our memorials in Washington, D.C. http://courageonthemountain.com/